Our Name & CrestOur Name & Crest

Clear Water Academy


"We easily and unanimously picked the name Clear Water Academy. The image of clear, fresh water, something so vital to human life, seemed perfectly appropriate for our dream: a clean, nourishing, vibrant school. A place where students would receive what they need to live the way God wanted them to. They would be loved, understood, challenged, motivated and guided so that each of them individually could become all that God wanted them to be." 

Founders of Clear Water Academy 

The Clear Water Academy crest was established to symbolize the ideals to which our school is dedicated. The banner displays our school motto “Semper Altius” which means Always Higher! This implies a constant pursuit of higher Christian ideals in our academics, spiritual lives, character, and service to the Church. This banner over the crest is a symbol of the guiding presence of Mary, the Mother of Christ, our faith model.

The mountain range represents the lifelong journey of our students to reach the summit of perfection by leading authentic Christian lives. The clear sky represents the purity of the soul while the stars in the sky are the Christ-like virtues that we reach for in our climb.

The armor represents the virtues of the apostle: fighting spirit and holy zeal to bring Christ to others. The armor is forged with tenacity, discipline, and order. The soldier wearing this armor is armed with mercy, charity, and truth.

The book and torch stand for education and the formation of the human intellect, enlightened by the torch of a strong faith. When united, they represent the wisdom that today’s leaders can use to change the world.

The wild rose represents the floral symbol of Alberta.

The Maple Leaf, in the centre of our crest reminds us that as Canadians, we promote the image of a just society, a peace-loving nation that is able to defend and protect its democratic rights and the rights of others.


Semper Altius
Clear Water Academy