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Special thanks to our 2013 Gala Committee! The ongoing, enormous commitment these wonderful individuals have made is priceless!

Gala Chair
Natasha Sorobey

Gala Committee Members
Heidi-Lynne Balasch
Stephanie Bieschke
Cheray Jerome
Suzy Moutinho
Jennifer Pham
Silvia Pinto-Plaza
Michele Sundy
Launie Rakochey
Patrizia Ruggieri



In addition to overseeing all teams below, the chair is directly responsible for overseeing ticketing.


All VENUE details—décor/execute theme throughout event/venue; food; entertainment; music; liaises with venue.


Produce all print materials (including but not limited to): promotional signage at school for tickets sales and general communications; signage at event; regular newsletters;invitations;save the date cards; tickets; oversee program; powerpoint presentation at event - promotes sponsors and live auction items and Clear Water Academy; ensures theme is woven throughout all communications; liaise with Auction team re “look” of certificates; issue formal thank you letters to donors, attendees and sponsors.


Obtain donations of between 150+  quality silent auction items and 10+ live auction items; organize Gift Gathering Day; maintain donor and item database for thanking donors, listing items in auction program, and tracking items; tagging all items, set up of auction(s) at event; creating all necessary certificates. Over see Kids Art Project and Set Up Team.


Procure support/sponsorship dollars for Gala. Approach companies and individuals. Ensure logos are received and used for program, and ensure they receive required and appropriate recognition.

ORG—Other Revenue Generator

Manage projects which will generate additional gala revenues beyond auctions and tickets sales (e.g. candle centerpieces for auction at tables, plus one or two additional programs).


Arrange for ample event volunteers; greet and provide direction to event volunteers are fully trained and aware of any responsabilities, breaks, meals, dress code, etc..; liase with Event Operations Team to ensure volunteer inventory and floats are provided and properly controlled.


Manage all financial duties on evening of event— manage check in/registration; Liaise with Volunteer Coordinator to ensure proper controls of (student) volunteers including floats and inventory control; run cash out, express checkout and credit card registration, generate final numbers; oversee table monitors, auction spotters, and paddles up. Input from this team will be required during planning stages to ensure streamlined operations.


All SET UP details - manage the organization of auction items; setting up tables; set out completed bid clipboard with matching item description and make sure all materials are correct and correspond;  Presentation/display of auction tables.   

All TEAR DOWN details - Coordinates and facilitates tear down of event on evening Gala and returns all of articles back to the school (or elsewhere). Including any props, equipment, and unclaimed auction items.

We would love to have you join us!

If you or someone you know is interested in being a part of the Gala Committee, please contact Margaret Matthews, Director of Admission & Development at (403) 240-7917.

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