Grade 7 to Grade 9 Grade 7 to Grade 9

Exercising Muscles is Good and Important; Exercising Virtue is Better

At Clear Water Academy, athletics is used as a means to form each students will, channel his or her passions, practice teamwork, and respect and obey the authority of coaches and the rules of the game. Athletics provide the opportunity to exercise Christian virtues such as charity, obedience, patience and fortitude. Human virtues such as punctuality, order, discipline, honesty, and self denial are developed through healthy athletic participation.

Students in Grades 7 to Grade 9 are offered a wealth of athletic opportunities. Physical education classes in our campus gymnasium, weekly fitness classes in our fitness centre, lunch hour intramurals, interscholastic athletics and Clear Water Academy's Outdoor Education program. 

Clear Water Academy’s profuse athletic program is overseen by our Director of Athletics, Mr. Paul D’Angelo. He and his team of athletic specialists are dedicated to delivering an excellent physical education program rich in variety, skill development, character formation and fun.  

Crusader Athletes compete in the ISAA ( Independent Schools Athletic Association) in: cross country running, volleyball, basketball, golf, badminton, floor hockey, soccer and track & field.

The Outdoor Education program exposes Clear Water Academy students to active living and healthy pursuits one full afternoon per week for an entire semester each year. 

Backpacking                         Tennis 

Hiking                                  Golf

Horseback riding                   Ice skating  

Canoeing & Kayaking              Alpine skating 

Sailing                                  Swimming

Rafting                                 Water polo

Cycling                                 Diving

Wall Climbing                         Squash

Mountain Biking                     Hockey

Skiing                                   Archery

First aid & CPR                      Broomball       

Orienteering                         Curling


Semper Altius
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