Kindergarten to Grade 6Kindergarten to Grade 6

Athletics - Beautifully Leads to The Formation of Ones Character

Athletic and physical education opportunities are intentionally abundant at Clear Water Academy. The character of each student grows as they are exposed to new and different activities. Teachers and athletic specialists work with children so they learn to be graceful losers, humble winners, team players and strong leaders. Students learn to be coachable, reliable and honest. Meanwhile, they become fit, strong, healthy and happy. 

Students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 6 enjoy daily physical activity and well as three or more Physical Education classes each week in our campus gymnasium or Zoom Room. Students in Grade 1 and up can participate in optional lunch-hour intramurals throughout the school year. 

Students in Grades 3 to 5 enjoy an annual unit of swimming lessons and students in Grades 1 to 3 travel to a local rink to hone their skating skills. 



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