Currie BarracksCurrie Barracks

Currie Barracks, named in honour of Sir Arthur William Currie, was officially announced in 1933. The land, previously known as Reservoir Park due to its proximity to the Glenmore Reservoir, has a rich, extensive military history and lengthy connection to the City of Calgary.

Today, after participating in an extensive pilot program involving more than 240 communities across North America, Currie Barracks is the first Canadian community to receive gold certification for its approved plan (Stage 2). As a result, Currie Barracks is a community characterized by a diversity of land uses, walkability and sustainable design.

Clear Water Academy owns 7-acres and four buildings in the heart of the Currie Barracks site. Bessborough Hall, Harvey Hall, Keller Hall, and Athlone Hall. These names are original to these historic buildings, and honour the men and women of our Canadian Armed forces. We are proud to call Currie Barracks home.

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(Top Picture: Athlone Hall)

BESSBOROUGH HALL - Named after Sir Vere Ponsonby, 9th Earl of Bessborough, Governor General of Canada from 1931 to 1935, this large handsome structure faces the historic Parade Square. It was extensively and tastefully modernized in 2001 and has up to date facilities in a building noted for 1930's charm. Grades 4 to 12 are currently housed here.

HARVEY HALL - Named after Brigadier General R. N. Harvey of the World War One Canadian Army, this large recreation complex has an oversized gym, squash courts, and lots of space for fitness centers. It is in constant use by our students from early morning practice to late afternoon games.

KELLER HALL - This functional classroom building on the north side of our campus houses our Pre-Kindergarten 3 to Grade 3 classes. It is named after Gen. R.F.L. Keller who led Canadian forces on D Day.

ATHLONE HALL - This large and beautiful historical building at the top of Parade Square is for our future use as we continue to grow and expand.

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