Homeroom: Grade 7

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Oct 24Oct 26Math 7G section 3.1MathematicsVolschenk, Susan0
Oct 23Oct 307b&7g: read Boy Scouts article to discuss (for Monday Oct 30)Social StudiesBelisle, Diane0
Oct 23Oct 257g&7b: 1) study ch 2 (quiz Oct 25)Social StudiesBelisle, Diane0
Oct 23Oct 257b: take notes of "Nos outils" (our tools) of p.21 on blue sheet of paper. Do not copy; review and write what you know.FrenchBelisle, Diane0
Oct 23Nov 27B ELA: Summative #1 THURSDAY NOVEMBER 2English Language ArtsKennedy, Michaela0
Oct 23Nov 67G ELA Summative #1: MONDAY NOVEMBER 6English Language ArtsKennedy, Michaela0
Oct 20Oct 247 Girls Science- Read page 68 - 70 in Textbook ScienceLeeming, Sara0
Oct 20Oct 24Math 7 G Chapter 2 reviewMathematicsVolschenk, Susan0
Oct 19Oct 257g&7b study ch 2 (quiz Oct 25)Social StudiesBelisle, Diane0
Oct 16Oct 24Math 7 G Chapter 2 test reminderMathematicsVolschenk, Susan0
Oct 13Oct 257G Debate: Defining TermsEnglish Language ArtsListman, Danielle0
Oct 10Oct 26RE7B: Saint ProjectReligionListman, Danielle0
Sep 28Oct 307b: review your video and Mme. Belisle's. Improve (perfect) your French. FrenchBelisle, Diane0