Centrally located in Currie Barracks, Clear Water Academy has been providing Catholic education in Calgary since 1995. We are consistently ranked a top school in Alberta and are the only school in Canada to offer the educational model of integral formation, focusing on all four dimensions of formation: intellectual, human, spiritual, and apostolic. Our approach is purposefully designed to teach, educate and form each child individually; helping each one grow fully into the person God created them to be. We seek to educate the whole child and accompany them in their personal development.  

What does this mean for our students?

We believe that each person is called by God to be the best person they can be. We strive for excellence in the formative process by encouraging continual growth and taking into consideration each students’ specific talents, limitations, history and opportunities. We believe that each student is unique.

  • We recognize the genuine differences between girls and boys and their developing brains so we provide specific formation for boys and for girls;
  • We offer a variety of age appropriate activities, lessons, experiences, and challenges that inspire and engage students across all disciplines.

We believe that our integrated approach must be delivered through relationships rooted in Jesus Christ, which are characterized by mutual respect, collaboration, witness and communion.  The teacher-student relationship is considered the key relationship and is vital to the education process.  We also believe that each member of the school community plays a complementary role in the formative process of our students.

What does this mean for our faculty?  

We hire faculty who will uphold our mission and who treat teaching as a vocation rather than a job.  We provide them with the opportunity for ongoing formation and professional development to ensure that our educators are equipped to fulfill their mission and responsibility to our students in a rapidly changing society.

What does this mean for our families?  

We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children and , as such, we must collaborate with and support parents with the integral formation of their children into Christian leaders.  We implement regular, efficient and purposeful two-way communication with parents in order to ensure a unified direction. We offer formation courses to support parents in the formation of their children.

Our approach has proven successful as evidenced by our consistent ranking as one of the top Academic Schools in Alberta by the Fraser Institute.

For more information, contact Maricela Rosa, Admissions Director, by email or Phone: 403.240.7924