September 2 - First Day of School (Summer Uniform in effect)
Congratulations to our teachers and students for ranking #1 on the Fraser Institute's 2013 Elementary Report Card!

Clear Water Academy AdvantageClear Water Academy Advantage

Our accredited curriculum prepares students at all grade levels for academic excellence with a balanced and well-rounded offering that helps students excel in standardized testing as well as exercise creative problem solving and critical thinking skills. Clear Water teachers seek to inspire a lifetime love for learning.
Our teachers embrace their role as a God-given vocation, and each student is welcomed as a unique gift from God with particular talents and gifts. Through personal attention from teachers, we partner with parents to help and guide your child to become a well-rounded leader reaching their full potential.
As a Catholic school, Clear Water Academy is built upon the sound principles of the Catholic faith where we strive to educate the whole person, addressing all aspects of the person, and therefore providing an Integral Formation, intellectual, character, apostolic, spiritual, helping the student to fulfill the mission for which he was created. Our goal is to provide a superior education and to produce authentic Christian leaders.
Semper Altius