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Tuition & Fees

Clear Water Academy has been dedicated to providing the highest quality education, nurturing integrally formed Christian leaders, since 1995 in Calgary, Alberta. Our commitment to authentically Catholic instruction not only drives academic excellence but also fosters intentional spiritual growth. Rooted in our love for God and our dedication to caring for others, we believe these values are foundational to the development of strong character and the cultivation of apostolic hearts.
Our graduates from Clear Water Academy are called to be Christian leaders who enter higher education equipped with a cohesive perspective of the world, humanity, and God. This perspective seamlessly integrates faith and reason, empowering them to make a meaningful impact on both their academic pursuits and the wider community.

2024-2025 Tuition Rates

Junior Kindergarten - 5 Full Days
With Government affordability Grant*
Junior Kindergarten - 5 Half Days
With Government Affordability Grant*
Elementary: Kindergarten - Grade 6
$16,500 $1,417
Junior High: Grade 7 - Grade 9
$17,200 $1,462
High School: Grade 10 - Grade 12
$18,300 $1,556
Sibling Discounts: These tuition rates apply to enrolling your first and second child. The third child tuition grant is $4,000 and the fourth child tuition grant is $8,000 or greater, subject to the Family Tuition Fee Cap of $48,000.
Tax Receipts: As a faith-based private school, we provide a charitable tax receipt for the religious portion of the tuition fees for Kindergarten through Grade 12, significantly reducing the net cost of tuition. Junior Kindergarten fees qualify as child care expenses and a tax receipt is issued. 
*The Junior Kindergarten reduced fees are dependent on the Canada-Alberta Child Care Agreement and minimum monthly hours of attendance.
**Families have the option to pay annually or over 12 months. The monthly payment plan includes a 3% finance fee.

Tuition Support

Bursaries and Financial Aid programs funded by individual donors and various grants support many families to invest in Catholic education.
We extend the chance for new families to access a high-quality Christian education at Clear Water Academy. Typically, this bursary is granted to students who meet our admissions criteria and enroll in grades with available spots for the upcoming academic year. Our application process involves a third-party evaluation to determine the awarded amount.
Temporary Needs Family Bursary are available to current Clear Water Academy families facing unexpected circumstances to maintain their child’s enrollment and education.
As your family grows, Clear Water Academy offers benefits to support all your aspiring leaders, including third- and fourth child grants and a total family tuition cap. 
KIDS with open arms

Family Bond Program


At Clear Water Academy, we've introduced a Family Bond Program to enhance our school's infrastructure. We request each family to contribute a $10,000 bond, which supports essential capital improvements and the redevelopment of our existing facilities, in line with the evolving needs of our expanding community. Rest assured, your bond will be refunded either when your last child graduates from Clear Water Academy or when your child leaves the school.

What is the Admission Process?

Applying is simple and convenient. We welcome applications year-round and offer mid-year enrollment for students. Apply online today!
We are committed to providing personalized support for your child's academic journey. Our team will collaborate closely with your child to conduct individualized academic and readiness assessments, ensuring the most suitable placement.
Take the opportunity to connect with our school administration, openly discuss your objectives, and gain the assurance of discovering the perfect educational environment for both your child and your family.
Get ready to register! We'll be sending you an enrollment contract for your signature, marking the exciting moment when your child's acceptance is officially confirmed!

Clear Water Academy FAQs

Clear Water Academy has an open admission policy and extends a warm welcome to families of all faiths. We offer a program that is rich in Catholic education and formation, which includes daily prayer, weekly Masses, access to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, religion classes, and a culture that is designed to help our students and families grow in their spirituality. At Clear Water Academy, we are committed to accompanying our students and their families in their spiritual journey. 
Yes. Our uniform supports and builds decorum, and reinforces that we are a community. It also teaches our students that our focus should be less on our attire and more on how we strive to become a better person every day.
Yes, we are pleased to offer our families a pick-up and drop-off student busing service for the 2023/2024 school year. The Clear Water Academy school bus currently makes three stops within Calgary's Northwest quadrant. We believe that having our own exclusive busing service with an experienced and qualified bus driver is the safest, most reliable, and most formative option for our students. The total fee for pick-ups and drop-offs is $2,500 per student for the 2023/2024 school year. The fees will be paid in monthly installments (September 1, 2023 - June 1, 2024). For more information please contact us at [email protected].
Instruction of core subjects is delivered in gender separate classrooms from Grades 4-9. Clear Water Academy introduced girls and boys classes in 2003 to reflect a growing body of research showing that boys and girls see, hear, and react to the world around them in very different ways. Starting in Grade 4, faculty and students are empowered to succeed in the curriculum within a single-gender environment. Girls and boys benefit from instruction tailored to their learning styles and development supported through evidence-based research. 
One hundred percent of our Graduating Class of 2023 received offers for their first choice of post-secondary education. Starting in Grade 10, faculty supports students with course selection to enrich their academic profile. Clear Water Academy offers the top academic courses (dash "1" stream) with Advanced Placement (AP) courses available in Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, and English Literature & Composition. Advanced Placement courses are first-year university curriculum taught in high school. An AP course involves one universal exam that is administered worldwide in May each year.
Grades 4-6: Option classes to allow exposure to diverse activities: robotics, coding, classical guitar, gregorian chants, baking, and knitting to name a few.
Grades 7-8: Options for Architecture, Art, Computer Science, Creative Writing, Debate, Fitness, Media Studies, Outdoor Education and Film Studies.
Grades 10-12: Options to participate in athletics, fine arts, leadership and service opportunities. debate and Student Council. High school Mission and pilgrimage trips.
The Family Bond serves as a token of each family’s commitment to CWA and is used to fund capital improvement projects. It is essentially an interest-free loan, which is returned when the last child in a family leaves or graduates from our school.
Yes. Tuition is due in full on June 1st of the prior academic year, or we offer a monthly payment plan with payments beginning on June 1st (with an added 3% financing charge).
We offer a bursary program to new, mission-aligned students who meet our admission requirements for specific grades based on availability. The amount awarded is determined by confidential application through a third-party review.
Yes. As a faith-based private school, we are able to provide a charitable tax receipt for the religious portion of the tuition fees for Kindergarten through Grade 12. The donation receipt varies each year, historically it has been approximately 60% of the tuition paid in the calendar year. 
From Monday to Thursday, the school day begins at 8:15 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m. There is early dismissal on Fridays at 2:00 p.m.
Admission decisions are made approximately two to three weeks after the application and all admissions documents have been received. Enrollment decisions for the next academic year typically begin in November.

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