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Step 1: Application

Applying is easy. We accept applications any time of year and accept students mid-year. Apply online today.

Step 2: Assessment

We'll work with your child to conduct individual academic and readiness assessments to ensure the best placement.

Step 3: Meeting

Spend time with our school administration, share your goals, and build confidence in finding the right community for your child and family.

Step 4: Enrollment

You'll receive an enrollment contract to sign indicating confirmation of your child's acceptance.


Clear Water Academy has delivered the highest quality education for integrally formed Christian leaders since 1995.


Authentically Catholic instruction drives academic excellence and intentional spiritual formation. Our love for God and care for others are essential to building strong character and reflecting apostolic hearts. 


Clear Water Academy Graduates are called to be Christian leaders and embark on higher education with a coherent view of the world, humanity, and God that integrates faith and reason.

Bill Tomiak

"We have a devoted and vibrant parent community, and we thank them for their trust in our faculty and their continued belief in our mission to 'Form Christian Leaders Who Will Transform Society.'"

- Bill Tomiak, Executive Director 

Tuition Rates

These tuition rates apply to enrolling your first and second child. Third and fourth child tuition grants are available up to $7,700.
As a faith-based private school, we provide a charitable tax receipt for the religious portion of the tuition fees for Kindergarten through Grade 12, significantly reducing the net cost of your tuition. 
Junior Kindergarten fees qualify as childcare expenses.


Junior Kindergarten

Five (5) Full Days 



Five (5) Half-days


*Junior Kindergarten fees dependent on:
1. The Canada-Alberta Child Care Agreement
2. Minimum monthly hours of child's attendance


Kindergarten – Grade 6


Grade 7 Grade 9


Grade 10 – Grade 12



Note: families have the option to pay annually or over 12 months. The monthly payment plan is subject to a 3% finance fee.

Tuition Support

Bursaries and Financial Aid programs funded by individual donors and various grants support many families to invest in Catholic education. 

New Family Bursary
We offer new, mission-aligned families the opportunity to receive top ranked Christian education at Clear Water Academy. This bursary is typically awarded to students that meet our admissions requirements and enroll in grades with capacity for the academic year. Our application process includes a review from a third-party to determine the amount awarded.
Temporary Needs Family Bursary
Temporary Needs Family Bursary are available to current Clear Water Academy families facing unexpected circumstances to maintain their child’s enrollment and education.


Semper Altius Family Grants and Alumni Grants
As your family grows, Clear Water Academy offers benefits to support all your aspiring leaders, including third- and fourth child grants and a total family tuition cap.


Monthly Payment Plan
Tuition is paid annually prior to the start of the school year.  However, families can opt to pay their tuition monthly. 
ClearWaterAcademy, Boys and Girls Classes

Family Bond Program


Clear Water Academy implements a family Bond Program to strengthen our school further. For every family, we ask for one $10,000 bond to fund significant capital upgrades and the redevelopment of our current facilities to respond to the needs of our growing community. The bond amount is returned to you when your last child moves on from the Clear Water Academy community. 


Clear Water Academy FAQs

Q: Do you have to be Catholic to attend Clear Water Academy?

Clear Water Academy has an open admission policy and welcomes families of all faiths. Students experience an immersive Catholic education and formation, including daily prayer, weekly Masses, access to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and religion classes. 


Q: Do you offer a lunch program?

Balanced meals are available for purchase through several suppliers on the Health Hunger online platform Monday through Thursday for Kindergarten-Grade 12 students. Lunch purchases are currently on hold due to current Alberta Health Services COVID guidelines. We will notify all parents of any changes in our regular COVID-19 updates.


Q: Do you offer a bus service?

One bus route serves the northwest and westside communities of Calgary. The route runs from Nosehill Dr. and includes the Wentworth, Aspen, and Signal Hill neighbourhoods. As the school community grows, we intend to implement a route from Cranston, Mahogany, and Shawnessy. At this time, the school's bus program is temporarily on hold due to current Alberta Services COVID guidelines.


Q: Do you offer tuition payment plans?

Yes, we make every effort to make our school affordable to all our families. We offer a 12-month payment plan, which is subject to a 2% finance fee. We also offer bursaries.


Q: Do you offer bursaries or financial aid?

Yes. This is important to us, therefore we offer a lot of support for tuition. Approximately 25% of our students receive some tuition assistance. 


Q: Is tuition eligible for a charitable donation receipt?

As a faith-based private school, we provide a charitable tax receipt for the religious portion of the tuition fees for Kindergarten through Grade 12. Junior Kindergarten fees qualify as child care expenses if both parents work outside the home. The donation receipt has historically been around 60% of the tuition paid.


Q: Do students wear uniforms?

Yes! Our uniform contributes to the unity of our school community. Read more about the most recent uniform requirements here.

Q: Do you offer before and after school care?

Yes. Please access our Out of School Care Programs information here.

Q: What extra-curricular activities are offered? 

The Jr. Crusaders Athletic Program builds skills in Basketball, volleyball, soccer, golf, and badminton from Grades Four to Six. Participation in Athletics promote Christian virtues such as charity, obedience, patience, and fortitude.


Q: When is gender-specific instruction delivered? 

The majority of instruction is delivered in gender separate classrooms from Grades 4-9. Clear Water Academy introduced girls and boys classes in 2003 to reflect a growing body of research showing that boys and girls see, hear, and react to the world around them in very different ways. Starting in Grade 4, faculty and students are empowered to succeed in the curriculum within a single-gender environment. Girls and boys benefit from instruction tailored to their learning styles and development supported through evidence-based research. 

Q: What extra-curricular activities are offered? 

In addition to excellent academics, our high school programs includes options to participate in athletics, fine arts, leadership and service opportunities. debate and Student Council. High school Mission and pilgrimage trips.


Q: What is included in the University Preparatory Program

One hundred percent of our Graduating Class receives offers for their first choice of university. Starting in Grade 10, faculty supports students with course selection to enrich their academic profile. Clear Water Academy offers the top academic courses (dash "1" stream) with Advanced Placement (AP) courses available in Calculus 35 AP (AP Exam) and English 35 AP (AP Exam). Advanced Placement courses are first year university curriculum taught in high school. An AP course involves one universal exam that is administered world-ride in the month of May each year. The AP exam is marked on a 1 to 5 scale, with 1 being no recommendation and 5 being extremely well qualified. 

University preparatory graduating students celebrate


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