Junior High (Grades 7 - 9)

Junior High is a time for students to explore and discover new facets of themselves; academically, spiritually, and in their growing character. Students enjoy greater levels of responsibility and freedom. Movement from classroom to classroom and instruction from superior specialist teachers enhances their academic environment and performance.

Boys and Girls classes
Separate classes for girls and boys in Grades 7 - 9 continue to leverage the functional and emotional differences between girls and boys to maximize the potential of each student. The co-educational campus offers students ample opportunity to socialize in a fun and caring faith-filled environment. 

Intellectual Formation
A rigorous academic curriculum continues with a strong focus on mathematics, science, language arts, religion, and social studies. French language and physical education classes continue and options are introduced in such areas as art, media studies and debate. Junior High students are able to experience our incredible Outdoor Education program which provides them with the opportunity to experience non-academic pursuits to balance their lives with healthy physical activity, and foster an appreciation for nature.

Spiritual Formation
Our Dean of Students is responsible for the programs that develop virtue and faith in each Clear Water Academy pupil. While their work positively impacts the entire student body, their main focus is students in Grades 7 - 12.  Activities include monthly Mass, mentoring younger students, off-site retreats, and service work.