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High School (Grades 10 - 12)

Clear Water Academy High School offers your son or daughter an excellent education, a healthy group of friends, and a wide range of enrichment and social activities in a high reaching, positive, faith-filled environment. Our dedicated team of educators gives young men and women the personal attention they need to develop their unique potential. Our High School classes are taught in a co-educational environment, however, the methodology of instruction may be adapted by the classroom teacher to accommodate the different learning styles found in boys and girls at this stage of their development.

Key elements in the success of our high school:

  • Small class sizes
  • Quality of  our faculty
  • University preparatory (including some Advanced Placement courses)
  • Leadership and public speaking opportunities
  • Career and post-secondary counseling


Cultivating Leaders

Our model of Integral Formation ensures that our graduates are well-formed and well-prepared to be Christian leaders. They are:

  • Intellectually formed: Well-educated with a rich store of knowledge, a love for the truth, and the skill-set and habits necessary for higher learning.
  • Humanly formed: With a character that is well-grounded in virtue, solid in their ability to master their actions and choices.
  • Spiritually formed: Mature in a life of grace with a deep friendship with Christ.
  • Apostolically formed: Prepared to serve others and make a difference in their community and the world.


Intellectual Formation   

Our university preparatory program, including some Advanced Placement courses, prepares students to enter diverse fields of study after graduation. Top level academic courses, and the requirements for a second language, and a minimum requirement of two sciences, allow students to pursue their choice of post secondary institutions.

Clear Water Academy students' diploma exam results place them in the top 10% among all Alberta high schools. Nearly 100% of CWA High School graduates proceed to University with the majority of them being accepted into their first schools of choice.

Human Formation
We offer a top notch athletics program and field competitive teams in such sports as basketball, volleyball, track and field, cross-country, golf, soccer, and European team handball. Our teams regularly qualify and compete at the provincial level.
Athletics provide human formation opportunities for our students: to form their will, channel their passion, practice teamwork, and respect the rules and authority of the coaches and officials.
Our high school students have opportunities to pursue the arts and classics  through options classes.  They also have the opportunity to participate in our annual musical production whether through singing, acting, dancing, lighting, costume design or set construction.


Spiritual Formation

We provide a faith-filled atmosphere that fosters each student’s personal relationship with Christ and allows them to discover the fundamentals of Catholic teaching.

A full-time School Chaplain leads our Formation Team and assists with providing spiritual guidance for all our students. Our Dean of Students is responsible for the programs that develop virtue and faith in each Clear Water Academy pupil. While their work positively impacts the entire student body, their main focus is students in Grades 7 - 12.  

Activities include monthly Mass, mentoring younger students, off-site retreats, and service work.  A pilgrimage to Rome and Italy further fosters their understanding of the Church.

Apostolic  Formation
Our students are provided with many service opportunities to perform concrete acts of self-giving. Students are encouraged to share their talents with the rest of the school community and they serve as mentors and role models for the younger grades. A mission trip to an underprivileged area like the Dominican Republic, provides a hands-on formative experience.


Semper Altius - Always Higher

The graduates of Clear Water Academy are young men and women of integrity and character who have attained a solid foundation in their faith, the humanities, and the sciences. They are ready for higher education and understand that they are called to be Christian leaders.  Equipped with excellent academic preparation and their faith in Jesus Christ, they set out to invest their God-given talents to better this world. 

Discover how the Clear Water Advantage can help your son or daughter reach Semper Altius!